Went Ahead with the Sienta Implants - San Salvador

I had nursed my three children and was left with a...

I had nursed my three children and was left with a bra size of 36a. Maybe even less. I am 5ft 108 lbs. I decided to get the augmentation because I was really unhappy with how deflated they were. I choose Silimed/Sienta textured rounds. I wanted full Bs and the dr suggested 280cc. They were placed sub muscular with the incision underneath my breast.

It's 2 and a half weeks post op now. The pain was awful almost unbearable the first night but after 4 days and every day since it is so much better. I almost feel normal again. The dr was right on and they fill my old b bra nicely. I just worry about how hard they are. I've never had implants so have nothing to compare them to. They feel squishy but the upper pole fullness is still super obvious. I have read reviews but am still unsure if they drop and fluff being textured and cohesive. I sure hope so. : | over all I am still waiting to see if they change. To a more natural look and feel. After all isn't that what everyone wants?

Looking good. 280 is the same size I'm interested in. Do you know what profile they are?
Hey! Hope everything is going well with you. I think they look great for 2 and a half weeks out.

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! They looks great. Definitely still riding high. Here's what some doctors say about textured implants dropping. Luckily, you do have gravity on your side. :)

Please let us know how they do as you continue to heal.

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