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I just had this procedure done a week ago today.I...

I just had this procedure done a week ago today.I went into thinking (from seeing the videos) that the down time was minimal. They do give you a lot of paper work to read and they are very nice. I have to say. But what i wished i would have know prior to is the actual healing process. i think it would of been helpful to have the healing pictures in the video not just the ugly before and great after photos. But this is what you can expect each step of the way informational videos for some one who has never done anything like this before like myself.

I'm not saying it wasn't worth it. I'm not sure yet. I'm still very puffy bruised and swollen. my skin does feel a lot tighter which is good im guessing. So hopefully after the swelling goes down the wrinkles will be gone. I had lippo on my neck, nothing too drastic because i wasn't that bad to begin with, i just looked tired. Puffy eyes, little double chin started some brown spots. So i had the laser which doesn't seem to be too bad.i had my bags removed, which hurts a lot, my eyes are so puffy and leaky like watery all the time. im guessing this is normal after this type of surgery im not really sure because again they don't give you this information on exactly what to expect. i mean it may very well be fine in the end. i just wish i knew ahead of time how hard the recovery from this was. they made it sound so simple.and the recovery is anything but i just wish i would of had more info up front i guess. but they were all very nice and helpful with the general questions that i thought of asking.

my ears are numb also not sure why that is? i guess i have a lot of questions for them on the 22nd when i go in. not saying im not going to be happy about the whole thing when im healed all the way because i just cant tell yet. but i keep you posted. I did really like my doctor i have to say though. he was very good to me and comforting.

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Its too new to rate just keeping you updated step by step on how im feeling.

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Tasha 06,
How do you feel about your "lift" now? I guess I'm not the only one whose wondering. I wish you would post back and let us know, since you decided to join the community with a "Not Sure" Review.
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I hope i wasnt just lucky, i really am happy with the results, i have a slight numbness behing my left ear but the rest is good. of course i dont look 20 again but it is much improved in regards to my jowls as well as the crows feet. the lipo i had done under my eyes was a good result as well. i was scheduled to go back on march 5th to do another lazer treatment around my eyes but had to unexpectedly cancel. i havent yet rescheduled mostly because i just have a hard time finding the time. i live approximately 3hrs from denver which would basically take a whole day but i will probably do it soon. Im sorry to hear so many unhappy results. when i think about doing it again i hope i dont just end up lucky.
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got it done on Dec 5th im like 8wks post. i still agree that the immediate healing process is rough but at 8weeks post its much better. Your correct they should include pics and documenatries of the healing process. Some of us may have changed our mind but i would not have. I did alot of research prior. I still have minimal swelling. the only real tenderness risidual from that day is in my chin from the lipo i had alot of the typical hanging fat. i can now not only feel but begin to see a more defined jaw line. I went in very cautiously so my husband took our own before pics. I didnt wear make-up in those pics and I wont when they take my after pics. I also will not change my hair style or anything in relation the the pics or the surgery other than the surgery it self. holy smokes, there is quiet a bit if difference so even at this point im glad i did it. Not looking at those until i went back on the 20th reminded me why i chose to do this. I went back on the 20th to have my eye bags lipoed as well as some lazer on my crows feet and from that day the crows lines are gone and the under eye lines are noticeably decreased. I have another followup appointment in march just to check on healing process and i spoke with her about my chin possibly needing more she reassured me it was to soon to tell and she prefers to practice more prudently which actually is the wiser choice. The feeling in my ears are returning more in one than the other for now but is comming back, so the healing process is definately progressive. Fortunately i have an office job that involves very little contact so i took only one week off and could return back to work physically but i also have been very open about my choice from a very early time. I work around alot of Dr.s so it actually can get almost tireing with the regular critiqueing but they really do care. I had mine done in denver by Dr. Jennifer Emmet. Just hang in there. Although everybody heals differently it does get better and try not to compare to a celebrity facelift those people can drop outta site and afford to return 4-6 months later looking like a whole new person. Im still good with it and would definately consider doing it again down the road. Continued luck and good health to you.
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I still can't feel my face on both sides and under my eyes as well almost 2yrs. later. You were lucky.
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It has been over a month since your procedure. So, what do you think now?
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I do agree the healing process in the first week is very difficult although i did it with minimal amount of pain meds offered the second week gradually became much better. i had mine done 4 weeks ago and already i am personally pleased. I also have been recieving all positive remarks about the improved change. There was alot of paperwork I do feel I was well informed and everybody has a different pain tolerance. Fortunatelt i only took a week off and was able to work with much undersatnding and support from my collegues. The LSL office was caring from beginning to end and has even recently made a follow up call. Being a nurse I believe an office is only as good as its staff and fortunately this DR. office shows the high expectations of her staff. Hopefully im not just lucky. Good luck with your recovery.
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I absolutely agree that the LSL company grossly underemphasized the recovery process. LSL is real surgery, not a "face and neck firming procedure" and patients should be informed of what to expect. My recovery was one of the most fearful and anxious times of my life. I expecting an easy one week recovery and experienced almost two months of swelling and pain. I constantly thought something was wrong because I wasn't healed in a week or two as I was lead to believe during my consultation. There is no information on the website about what is normal and what is not and I wasn't given information before or after except very general and basic aftercare. The company needs to be honest about the real recovery time and give patients detailed information on healing. Other than all that, I am now glad I did it, but would never do it again and plan to do all I can to inform prospective clients about what to expect so others can be truely informed about what LSL really is like.
Hang in there, it will get better. Swelling is normal for weeks or even months and moving your neck around too much in the early weeks can cause more swelling and pain. Numbness around the ears is normal too. Mine are still numb at 2 months post op.
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What about numbness, JOFO49, here in March. How's your numbness now? I'm going on 2 years and the numbness is still there.
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