Fractional CO 2 Laser Gave Me Incredible Results on my Acne Scars

Having had acne scars since my early twenties I...

Having had acne scars since my early twenties I opted to have the Fractional CO2 laser surgery preformed. I was really pleased with the results.

San Ramon Dermatologist

Dr. and staff were very professional and caring. From the consultation to the procedure I trusted their expertise in this area and was so unbelievably happy with the results. Everything was explained in detail about the procedure and the recovery time. I would highly recommend Dr. T to my friends, family and co-workers.

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Maryjo- Thank you for responding, How long after your 1st procedure did you have the 2nd? Did you notice any improvement after the 1st procedure?

Thanks again, RK
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It was a year or so later. Yes, I did notice some improvement but much more after the second procedure.
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Hi Maryjo- how long did it take to see results with your scarring? Did you have mild, moderate or severe scarring?

Thank you,

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I had severe scarring and actually had this procedure done twice. I noticed a change immediately but as the months went by my face got so much smoother and the scarring so less noticeable.
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Hi, good to hear from you! Do you mind if i ask what Ethnicity you are? I'm interested in doing this not sure if its right for my skin type!
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