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Had Smart Lipo on 7/12/11 - San Ramon, CA

Had upper & lower abs and flanks done 2 days...

Had upper & lower abs and flanks done 2 days ago. Te entire surgery took 6 hours because I had some very tough "gristly" fat in my upper abdomen. I thought the surgery itself was mildly painful but bearable. The worst part was lying still on my back for so long. That night I felt very sick and threw up.

Dr. Riopelle and his staff were amazing. Everyone was patient and understanding. That made all the difference.

I was miserable and could barely get out of bed. Today is a tiny bit better but still difficult to walk or get dressed.

So far my stomach looks flat but I'm very swollen. My first follow up is tomorrow.

San Ramon Dermatologist

Love my doctor and his staff. I will post pics later.

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I had vaser assisted lipo done a week ago upper lower abdomen and back.Tthe discomfort so far is bearable ,had post op done after 5 days, they removed accumulated fluid from the back.My doctor said this might need to be repeated a few more times.
swelling has not fully subsided yet.
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