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On 8/5/10 I had my upper lids; neck; and LSL done....

On 8/5/10 I had my upper lids; neck; and LSL done. My lids went fine and I haven't experienced any problems other than itching (healing).

On 8/6 during my re-check I had stated that I had difficulty swallowing because the wrap was too tight, although I hadn't veiwed my neck. When I removed the wrap on Sat 8/7 I noticed that I had a big gash/abrasion in the front of my neck and on the side of my face. I am not someone that deals with drama - it was what it was and I put Neosporin on it.

On 8/8 I called my doctor and he called back and claimed it wasn't a big deal he stated that he had noticed the abrasion and he would see me on my follow-up. He later conceded that the bandage was wrapped too tight and that he overlipoed my neck, although it hadn't been a procedure that I either requested or paid for. I had a redo surgery (Nov) to get rid of the adhesion (skin on outside stuck to muscle underneath) and ligature mark on my neck. After the redo my chin sutures were removed and my neck skin was still sticking and it was then filled with saline

(12/2)... 3 rounds of cortisone injections... and no,I'm not yet done. My skin is still stuck to the muscle and there's puckering around the scar. Can't get in again for any type of additional fix until the end of the month. I will not allow any other treatment than injections.

I started taking antidepressants in October. I have never been in this mental state before nor do I wish it on anyone...I beleive I will contact their corporate office.

Somehow my other post right after surgery is no longer on the site. I spoke of a ligature on my neck then.
Pics taken with cell-phone:
big hole in neck - less than 1 wk post
(of course I have all interim photos too)
other photo is now


Wow, I am so sorry to hear what happened. I was thinking about having it done, but I think I will just go someplace else and have my lift done and NOT use LSL service.
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Please let us know how you are doing! Hope you are feeling better. Chrystal.
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What an awful ordeal you have been through. I do hope that you are feeling better now. How is your neck healing and did you get a 2nd opinion yet? I do hope that you are feeling better. I know from experience how you feel. Although I did not suffer the exact same wounds, I had a terrible experience with LSL. I hope that other women that are considering this procedure will take the time to get a 2nd opinion from a plastic surgeon who is ABCPS in Private Practice. Some of the doctors that work at LSL also have their own practice -- as was the case with the doctor that did my face. If I had known that this doctor did not work for LSL exclusively, that would have been a huge red flag for me to ask myself why he is moonlighting at LSL. I thought that since LSL was such a large company, it would stand behind the doctors and the work performed. Since LSL advertises as being safer than traditional plastic surgery, what they do not tell you is that they are not accredited by any medical affiliation. No one is watching over them. They can do whatever they like in their surgical suite and there is not much we as consumers can do except to warn others of the pitfalls. I wish you the best and just know that you are not alone. There are many of us who need to talk in order to heal. I know that you stated that you are on anti-depressants, there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, you have had a terrible experience. But you are still alive and I am sure that you are loved and cherished by many. (Maybe Sharon can help you find your missing post) Best, Chrystal.
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Dr. G is no longer with Lifestyle Lifts. I just found out today (12/20)that when I saw him on 12/2 to have chin stitches removed (redo) that it was his last day and he went back to the MD Spa in Pleasanton. No, he didn't bother to tell me...

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