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I'm in Pain Now... - San Mateo, CA

For the first 7 month of use I was amazed! My...

For the first 7 month of use I was amazed! My lashes were so long, not too much fuller, but beautiful enough to get compliments all the times. My eye lid is a little darker, but I have medium skin tone and it doesn't look bad.

About a month a got I started to notice white bumps on my lower eye lid, but I thought...uh it'll go away, it's worth it my long lashes. Last night after my latisse night routine I started to fill a sharp pain inside my eye ball, it's so strong, I couldn't sleep. Even my cheeks are hurting. It's sunday, I'm going to see a doc tomorrow.

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Hi Lessinha, 

Welcome to the Latisse community. Oh my, I've never heard any community members mention that. I'm glad you are going to the doctor tomorrow, hopefully you can find some answers. Please let us know what the doctor says.

Thanks so much for the review,


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