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So far, the entire experience has been easy, with...

So far, the entire experience has been easy, with very little pain. I still have swelling and numbness, but the bruises are starting to go away. The results look good so far, and I expect that they will look even better once the swelling is gone. Very happy with the experience and Dr. Piro did a great job!

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Bruises are almost gone.

The bruises are fading quickly, and the numbness and tightness are getting better as well.

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It has been 8 months since my neck lift, and I have to say that the results are well worth it. After the third month, my scars were hardly noticeable and now they are not visible at all other than the faint line under my chin. I am very happy with my neck line, and will definitely go back to Dr. Piro for any future procedures.


Thanks for adding more detail! I'm so glad you're happy with your experience and results. Were there any particular low points during your recovery?
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Not really, and I am one of those people that gets very anxious about surgery. Only one thing really bothered me - the drains. They were hard to get used to, and I had mine in for 2 days. I hear they often come out the next day but my follow up was two days later
Thanks so much for offering your opinion on your doctor.

With more detail about your procedure and recovery and maybe even before & after photos - our team can add your story to the neck lift community.

Thank you in advance and please let me know if you have any questions about this.
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