I'm Happy - Lifestyle Lift Fixed my Turkey Neck (Age 60) - San Mateo, CA

I am 60 years old, and the turkey neck runs in my...

I am 60 years old, and the turkey neck runs in my family. It was made worse by the fact that I had gained about 30 pounds in my 50's, and at least 25 seemed to be in my face!

By 60, I no longer had the extra pounds and was down to 126 lbs (at 5'5"). But I had all that extra skin drooping. I had a neck lift and lipo under my chin as well as eyelids lifted.

I breezed through the surgery but the recovery process was pretty uncomfortable. When it was all said and done, the surgeon and I decided one of the eyelids wasn't lifted enough, and I had it redone. Everything is great now and I'm very happy I had the procedures done. I LOVED my surgeon, and I feel so much more confident now. Like spanks for the face!


Just do your homework and you will come up with more questions than answers. I am cancelling my surgery.
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I am scheduled for this surgery and now i am apprehensive can you tell me about it?? thanks
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Lifestyle life is the most dangerous and horrible things I have ever gone through. It has been 4 years and the symptoms are getting worse. I suffer each and every day and I don't know how to fix this. Will never again let anybody do this to me. How stupid of me.
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Dr. M is so involved and upbeat. She exudes a life-affirming glow! She is young, smart, and I trusted her completely.

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