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I'm Happy - Lifestyle Lift Fixed my Turkey Neck (Age 60) - San Mateo, CA

I am 60 years old, and the turkey neck runs in my...

I am 60 years old, and the turkey neck runs in my family. It was made worse by the fact that I had gained about 30 pounds in my 50's, and at least 25 seemed to be in my face!

By 60, I no longer had the extra pounds and was down to 126 lbs (at 5'5"). But I had all that extra skin drooping. I had a neck lift and lipo under my chin as well as eyelids lifted.

I breezed through the surgery but the recovery process was pretty uncomfortable. When it was all said and done, the surgeon and I decided one of the eyelids wasn't lifted enough, and I had it redone. Everything is great now and I'm very happy I had the procedures done. I LOVED my surgeon, and I feel so much more confident now. Like spanks for the face!

Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. M is so involved and upbeat. She exudes a life-affirming glow! She is young, smart, and I trusted her completely.

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Just do your homework and you will come up with more questions than answers. I am cancelling my surgery.
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I am scheduled for this surgery and now i am apprehensive can you tell me about it?? thanks
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Lifestyle life is the most dangerous and horrible things I have ever gone through. It has been 4 years and the symptoms are getting worse. I suffer each and every day and I don't know how to fix this. Will never again let anybody do this to me. How stupid of me.
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Valerie, I thank you for posting your pics here. You look Fabulous. I had a consult in San Mateo today with Dr Mitra. Yes she is lovely....and after deciding to proceed with a basic LSL adding C02 Laser I am now miffed after reading all of the negative reviews, some even horrifying. Dr Mitra also informed me she may be leavign the company and therefore mey not be there for follow up after my proceedure. On further reading of these reviews I see that San Mateo LSL have a rather large turnover of surgeons. Any comments and feedback gratefully received. Worried and confused frm Woodside.
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$8700? That sounds like a lot. In fact none of Lifestyle Lift's procedures sound like a bargain to me and they're certainly not worth the high risk, given the 60%-and-up dissatisfaction rate reflected in LSL patient reviews. That's a frighteningly high risk to take with one's face. But if your procedure went well, I'm happy for you. Please post an update for us.
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see if it lasts,and in fact see if that particular doctor lasts,, over the past year several docs have left Vishal banthia MD james chan md jeffery pollard md sadi erfani md william chen and more, they work for 15% production the rest goes to KENT et al but in this economy most stay,,until they get the experience then leave so your doc may be completing her training curve and will leave count your self lucky
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Glad you are happy. You are one of the VERY few. Just read the REAL SELF reviews. As they say, "Every dog has their day!". From MIAMI
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Life Style Lift advertisement claim that it is a "breakthrough proceedure." I believe that there is no such specific proceedure offered to all patients at all. I would like to see a video of such proceedure-which I can not obtain. If there is no specific "breakthrough" proceedure then it would possibly be blatant false and misleading advertising -but I am not a lawyer. I believe that Life Style Lift is a marketing and referral business started by an osteopathic ENT doctor without as much as a plastic surgery fellowship. I believe that patients get a different proceedure depending on the doctor's preference and affordability. I would like to remind doctors that fee splitting-or paying for referrals-is illegal in most states and could cost their medical license. Some doctors affililated with LSL may be competent others may be incompetent. You need to check them out by talking to their patients, as you should do with any surgeon.
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