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I breast fed my three children and this last...

I breast fed my three children and this last pregnancy I gained over 60 lbs. I lost all the weight now and my breasts are very saggy and they lost their volume completely. After thinking over two years I decided to do a breast augmentation this next April. I am extremely scary because of the health issues behind silicone or saline breast implants. However, after reading lots of information and finding an excellent surgeon, I am almost sure this is what I want. Please advise me about your experience and the recovery process and hopefully I am making the right decision.

Hello Angie, I am not very happy with the results. My doctor did not seem to listen to what I wanted and I feel I look the same like before. The recovery process has been great but I am not looking forward for the reason that I am not happy with the size he chose for me. I was a 34 A now I am 34 B/C. I had silicone gel 375cc in both breast. I wish he would have listen to my needs. I have an appoinment next week and I do not want to see him. I am very upset.

Good job doing your homework. You're less than a month away from your surgery. Looking forward to reading more about your journey. I truly hope you get the size you're going for.

Hello Again, My surgery is scheduled for next week. Could you advise where should and what type of sport bras are recommended after surger?
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