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Worth Every Cent - Wish I Had It Done Sooner (Severe Astigmatism)

My procedure was more expensive because of severe...

My procedure was more expensive because of severe astigmatism. The tests before the procedure were simple, not much more invasive than a typical eye test.

The procedure itself was totally painless and took less than 15 minutes total. I had my eye-flap incision done by laser as well, apparently you have a choice of having it done by laser or by hand. The laser costs more but is more exact.

They gave me some eyedrops and a valium while I was waiting in sort of a prep room. Then about half and hour later I went into the first laser room for the flap incision, probably less than 3 minutes later I was off to the next laser room for the actual procedure.

My husband drove me home where I slept for several hours. I woke up with blurry but improved vision. The next morning my vision was less blurry and more improved. I was able to go to work. Within less than a week I was at 20/40 whereas before I was 20/400.

Five years later I'm at 20/70. I use glasses to drive and at movie theatres. My glasses are much less expensive than before because I barely have any astigmatism now. I highly recommend the procedure.


I don't actually remember. I did have strong near-sightedness too. I was 20/400 in one eye and 20/250 in the other. I think my astigmatism was very bad. I had to order custom contact lenses that took about 2 weeks to get. I couldn't wear disposables, or sleep-ins. I had an exam for lasik in 1997 was told it wasn't possible. Then, in 2005 I gave it another try and it worked. I went to the laser eye center in san jose. The consultation, where they figure out if you are a candidate is free. So, it's worth checking into.
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Hi! I was wondering if you remember what the measurements of your astigmatism was and if you had it in conjunction with nearsightedness. I have pretty severe astigmatism (around 2.5-3 per eye) and was given a mix of predicted outcomes for the procedure, so I wanted to get an opinion from someone who's been in a similar situation. Thanks!
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San Jose Ophthalmologist

The doctor's office was professional, clean, efficient, everything you'd want. The staff was kind. Overall a great experience. Also, my doctor is quite cute, not that it matters, but it doesn't hurt either.

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