Underbite is Gone. Well Worth the Cost at This Point

I had a severe underbite that most people could...

I had a severe underbite that most people could not see my upper front teeth when I smiled. After 1 year of invisalign treatment, the underbite is now gone and the rotated tooth on top is about 70% corrected. Lower front teeth crowding is totally fixed (very perfect).

I have gone through 25 upper and lower trays at this point and have 5 more upper trays and 1 more lower tray to go. Also, there are a total of 16 "bumps" put on my teeth.

Although it is a bit pricey, I am very happy with the result at this point.

how old were you when you got this done i am 16 and have a under bite what would you recommend
Hello, I was 35 and a half when I first put on invisalign. I am exactly 37 now. The process took about 1 year and a half and it requires a lot of self-discipline as invisalign is mostly a on your own treatment that you have to follow religiously. Also, invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces if money is a factor for you. I would suggest you use an orthodonist rather than a general dentist. An orthodonist has experience in tooth movement/jaw/bite corrections. Depending on how your underbite is formed (mine was due to teeth not in proper place), an underbite might need surgery to correct and it is a lot more than just putting braces on. Consult with an orthodonist and see what your options are. Good luck!

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