Full Tummy Tuck, BB, And Breast Augmentation - San Jose, CA

Hello im a 29 year old mother of 3 children ages...

Hello im a 29 year old mother of 3 children ages 10,9,5. I dont want anymore children. Im petite Height 5ft1" 108lbs. I would like to undergo a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and brazilian butt lift. I would like all procedures done the same day. would this be too much?

I have not yet scheduled surgery but i did have a consult and was quoted 12,000 for the above procedures. however i did not discuss details of surgery at that appt. I have a second consult scheduled in 2 weeks. any tips?

Im so nervous i really want this but reading some of the reviews has me on edge. Has anyone out ther on realself.com ever had these procedures done at once? and are you happy with your results? Help please.

Hi there, I realize this review is almost from a year ago... But checking to see if you got the makeover done.. I'm from San Jose too and in a few months plan to select my PS.. Would appreciate a message back. I accept private msgs back. Thx Cali!
Cali I'm in your same situation and I'm so nervous because I don't want the pain to be unbearable :/ But I know the end resutls will be amazing.
what is the name of the dr. you are going to??
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