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I went in to have Zoom whitening done for the...

I went in to have Zoom whitening done for the first time two days ago and I must say it has been one of my worst experiences ever!! The pain was really bad to a point that I was in tears after the procedure. I just thought to my self it will be over soon and it will be so worth the pain at the end. Unfortunately that was not the case. The next day I woke up to upper gum turning red/purple. My sister also had the procedure done with different doctor and clinic and she advised me it was not normal. So I called my dentist and she told me to come in. She explained to me that this is something that happens sometimes because the protective beerier had moved and the solution leaked in. I think my gums are getting worse and I do not know what to do ?? Any suggestions ?


This is common with teeth whitening. Most people experience sensitivity and possible discoloration of the gums for 24-48 hours afterward. Did your dentist not explain this to you, and/or did you not look up the procedure beforehand? It should only last for a little while. I imagine you're fine by now, and now you have beautiful teeth for years!
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I do not think it common for your gums to turn purple and peel. It has been more then 72 hours and I have seen no change. Of course she did explain to me what the procedure consisted of, she just left out a major detail, burning my gums.



Umm you should definitely sue the shit out of them. If it was that painful, then whoever prepared the whitening solution messed up and made it too strong. Your gums are proof.
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This is very alarming to me, as I'm considering Zoom. Some questions... 1. Who did the zoom procedure? Was it a dentist or a dental assistant? 2. How much experience did the individual have in zoom bleachings? 3. How much experience did the individual have in the field of dentistry? I called my dentist's office and told them your story and they told me "only inexperienced dentists would do that." But I don't feel reassured yet...I'm so sorry that happened to you...if I were you I would consider legal remedies and change dentists...
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Hi!  I've seen a lot of zoom reviews on here, and a lot of people get burns, but they're usually small white ones.  The one you got is more severe and I did find one other person asking about it in the doctors' forum.  Here is a link to it:  Burned Gum or Infection From Novocaine Shot? The doctor answering the question says it's not usual to have that kind of discoloration, among other things.  

Thank you for your review, and good luck.  Please let us know how it goes for you....
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