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Restylane Under Eyes - San Jose, CA

I was unhappy with the dark circles and sagging...

I was unhappy with the dark circles and sagging skin under my eyes. My doctor recommended trying Restylane to fill the hollows. He states that loss of collagen is the reason for the sagging skin. He is a very skilled injector. He only used a small amount and I am due back in the office in 4 weeks to see where we are and if I need additional treatment.

It was been 5 days since I had the restylane injections below my eyes. I had no bruising. With that said I do have a slight discoloration under one eye (tinge of blue) but not the other eye. The dark circles have really diminshed - I am really surprised. And the hollows and sagging skin under my eyes and are not so hollow and the sagginess has greatly improved.

My eyes definetly look younger and so far I am very pleased. I was very nervous about having this procedure - but all in all it wasn't that bad. I had some soreness for a few days. That has gone away. Just the tinge of blue under left eye.

Age Defy Dermatology

I really like the Doctor. He is very skilled and takes his time. Not in a hurry to do everything in one procedure but rather over time.

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I was nervous too but it really wasn't that bad. Plus I really trust Dr. Noodleman. He did the filler over 2 office visits over a 6 week period of time - if you add too much filler at once the results could be bad. Could cause sagging and uneveness - at least that what he told me. So we did a little under each eye - waited six weeks and added what he thought was appropriate. I am not even sure we finished the syringe because he told me if after a few weeks if I thought I needed to more to call the office ... it's been 6 weeks since last visit and I am good. You will like him.
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Thanks so much I am so scared to do it, but have wanted to do it for over a year now. I've read bad and good things on realself, so finding a really good doctor is important. I guess I will go book an appointment soon. I am so nervous!
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I don't have any before or after pictures. But I am really happy with the results thus far. It's been 11 days now since the initial procedure. I had slight discoloring under my left eye (blushish/green) and puffiness that lasted for about 7 days. Nothing under my right eye though. Strange! The discoloration and puffiness is gone now. I do go back to doctor in 3 more weeks to see if I need additional filler or not.
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I looked up Age Defy Dermatology...who was your doctor and how much did it cost? How much did you have filled? How are your feelings on it now that time has past?
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Dr. Noodleman - the husband. Both him and his wife own the company. It was a total of what the doctor calls one syringe. But he injected the contents of the syringe over two different visits. I believe the price was $500.00 for the syringe. I still love the results. I think Dr. Noodleman is a great doctor and you will be pleased with results.
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It was $600.00 for the syringe.
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Im getting it done Friday. DO you have before and after pics? Glad it has gone well!!
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I have started playing with the idea of trying a filler under my eyes, but more to help plump the tissue & decrease lines. Its encouraging to read your review & that everything has gone ok for you!

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Don't do it. You will regret the day you had it done. Have the surgery instead. Restylane only makes the bags worse and also has side effects that the doctors don't tell you about or say ,"it isn't the restylane." I am so sorry I ever had it done. Now if I want to have the circles and bags under my eyes done, they have to give hylau injections to dissolve resty. It has been over a year now and I just hate the way it looks.
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