Jessner Peel Extreme Reaction / Burns - San Jose, CA

Hello , I did an at home jessners peel on Sunday...

Hello ,

I did an at home jessners peel on Sunday night. This was my fourth peel, my last one being 2 months ago. This time I am shocked and scared - my entire face turned instantly brown. the discoloration is very bad and today it seems to have gotten worse, with no signs of peeling yet. Please help !

How does it look today? Im a bit worried too. I did my first jessners peel 3 days ago and Im afraid I may have left it on too long. My face is very brown, and this feeling. It is dry and its tight and hard to move my face. I would think that peeling would be right around the corner....but Im afraid it went too deep? Please let me know what happened. Im very interested. Im scared I may have ruined my face too. :(

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