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I Think It's About Time to Go for It - Rhinoplasty

Hi realselfers! For the last few years, I've been...

Hi realselfers! For the last few years, I've been dissatisfied with the appearance of my nose. As an African, my nose is characterized by a wide alar base, flared nostrils, a thick skin, and lack of a defined bridge, all of which I'd like to improve upon through surgery. Living in western Canada, there aren't many surgeons here who work on many ethnic patients - making my search for a suitable surgeon a little harder. I did, however, consult with one doctor in Vancouver who seemed nice and receptive to my concerns with my nose and questions about the procedure. But after the initial consultation, other questions I had where not responded to for at least some days (3-4 days). It felt as though I was an annoyance to them and I knew from that moment that surgeon wasn't the one for me. I then looked at before and after pictures of some surgeons' work in eastern Canada and also read their patient reviews, and because of the mix of positive and negative reviews I read on each, I just didn't want to take a risk and go see any of them.

So then I looked into surgeons in the states and I set up online consultations with one surgeon from Beverly Hills and another from San Jose. Both these surgeons have much experience in dealing with Asian plastic surgery, which I liked since there are similarities in the nasal anatomy between some Asians and Africans. The consultation with the surgeon from Beverly went well and he answered all my questions and was informative about the procedure. The only thing I didn't feel comfortable with is that he had some good and bad reviews from previous rhinoplasty patients. Also, I had asked him to explain the complications of the surgery, and although he said he hadn't experience medical complications, he described how the cosmetic complications he gets are that "the nose is too sharp, problems with the bridge, etc." The "nose too sharp" made me feel a little uneasy because of how my goal for the bridge of my nose is for it not to be sharp and instead to be natural-looking. What I really liked about this surgeon is how he personally replies to your emails in a prompt manner (within a few hours at minimum and 1day at the most). Also, the quote he gave is $6,000 USD for the surgery. The price was originally $6,500 USD, but because of the Canadian currency conversion rates, he was willing to bring it down to $6,000 USD for me. He didn't even hesitate to do that for me, which I thought was very kind of him.

The surgeon from San Jose was also friendly and informative about the procedure. He went into detail about the structures beneath the skin of the nose and discussed how he would do the surgery. I just had the skype consultation with him on Tuesday and at the end of it, he requested photos of my nose to determine if he'd need to break the nasal bones. I sent them to him soon afterwards and I'm just waiting for a response back at this point to find out if he'll need to do that and also what the cost would be for the surgery. Since Tuesday, I've thought of some other questions to ask him, but i think I'll wait to ask him after I get a response back from him. When I searched for reviews on him, pretty much all of them rated him well and talked about his good personality. The reviews helped me build trust in him for performing this delicate and complex surgery I'm hoping to go through.

I'll be sure to update once I hear back from this doctor and when I decide on which doctor to go with.

Heard back from Doc in San Jose

Hey guys!! So I heard back from the doctor in San Jose and he advised he'd have to break my nasal bones, which I was hoping wouldn't be needed. He also gave me a quote close to $9,000 usd for the whole procedure ( $5,925 for the rhinoplasty and about $3,000 for the surgical center and anesthesiologist fees). Because this amount is quite out of my price range, I set up another Skype consult with a different surgery from LA (no charge for consultation). He's specialized in African American noses, which I really liked. The consult went better than my previous ones. This doctor answered questions thoroughly and gave me his thoughts on why some black people end up with undesirable/unnatural nose jobs. He explained how he believes part of it is from surgeons using the same techniques used on Caucasian noses onto ethnic noses, how there's a disconnect between what the patient wants/expresses and what the surgeon actually understands from the patient, and also the skill of the patient. He advised he wouldn't break my nasal bones so my nose wouldn't have the "operated look." He said he'd give support in the tip of my nose so that it doesn't droop when I smile, which as a result, would make the tip a look a little narrower and give me some definition along the bridge without it looking pinched. I got a good feeling from this surgeon with his knowledge and his personality. I'm now waiting for an email from his assistant which will contain the cost and the changes we discussed and then I'll go from there. The consultation was done at the end of day today so I'm hoping I'll receive that info by tomorrow.

I'll keep posting when I get more info!!

Heard back from Doc

Hey guys! So I heard from his assistant and the quote given came just a few dollars over $8,000 USD; but with the conversion rates, I'm looking at close to $8,800 CAD. I also scheduled another Skype consultation with him to go over some questions I had. I hope to through with the surgery next month

some current pics pre -surgery

Updating doctor's location

Hey guys!!
I'm not sure how to update the doctor's location in my review. Right now it shows San Jose, but it should be Los Angeles since that's where Dr. Hamilton works from. Anyone know how I can change that? Thanks :)

profile pics of nose - pre surgery

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jason Hamilton

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