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Hello everyone! Like so many of you, I have been...

Hello everyone! Like so many of you, I have been religiously researching and spending insane amounts of time on realself in preparation for my surgery. I'm probably on realself a combined minimum of 3 hrs a day reading of all your reviews and catching up on your journey updates! Ive gotten an enormous amount of insight and I feel like I know some of you so well already! With my date fast approaching, I felt it was time to share my story!
I'm 24 yrs old and if you would've asked me 3 yrs ago, I would've never guessed I would ever get a breast aug. Until the age of 20, I was always "skinny" with naturally DD boobs. During a bad relationship/ horrid breakup, I managed to gain nearly 50 lbs! I eventually decided to make a change and lose weight. I've lost 45 lbs but my boobs were the first to go! I'm now left with deflated 36c's (on a good day). If you don't count the extra skin, in probably closer to a full B.
My breast implants are scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday and I will also be getting liposuction done on my upper/lower abs, flanks, & bra rolls. I workout regularly and have a diligent heAlthy diet but my stomach fat has been so stubborn and will not leave me! It's time to have the body I've worked so hArd for (even if I have to buy it lol).
Any suggestions from anyone else who's had the same combo of procedures? I'll also be setting up another profile for my lipo journey.
Thanks in advance! Pictures to follow shortly!
Congratulations on your weight loss! So glad you can do this surgery for yourself. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. Here is a link to a forum of other members healing from their August 2014 BAs. Feel free to jump in to get some support while you're recovering. Update us when you can!

5 hrs until surgery!

Here are some before pics ( I can't believe I gathered the courage to post them!)
Oh, and forgot to mention in my earlier post that I will be getting saline, moderate plus, under the muscle, 450-475 ccs.
In exactly 5 hours, i will be in surgery and I'm a nervous wreck! I can't believe my time has come! Wish me luck!

They're finally here!!!

Hello everyone! I had surgery this morning and am going to keep this brief since I'm falling asleep every 5 minutes! Surgery went well! I'll post more details tomorrow . Here are some pics right out of surgery. My boobs are very high and swollen, but i expected that. Also, I had liposuction of the entire abdomen, flanks and bra roll area so don't mind the nasty binder. I hope everyone is doing great!
Hi Tayni! Congrats on your BA! Your results look great! Mine are def high and tight also but look pretty good compared to some other early post op pics I've seen. No "frankenboob" just yet! Going into surgery, I expected the lipo to be the more painful part of recovery but I actually don't really feel much in the areas I had done. The worst part was the drainage yesterday. What a mess! As for today, I'm just really loopy and cannot stay awake! The sec I sit or lay down, it's lights out! I'm basically sleeping on a newborn baby's schedule lol. I hope your recovery continues to go well! Cheers to our new boobs!
Well rest is good for you too! Glad the lipo isn't painful, but I bet the drainage isn't much fun, lol! I'm a nurse, so I can imagine the mess. We will be rocking the awesome new girls soon! Just need to take the time to heal. Sleep while you can.
You look great Cierra! I had BA yesterday. High and tight, but doing well. I imagine with the lipo there is a lot more postoperative pain. I hope you are feeling ok and heal well!

Day 1 post op- easier than I anticipated!

My surgery was yesterday and I spent the day dozing in& out of naps. The pain has been bearable. Mostly just uncomfortable getting in & out of bed. I'm able to carry things, go to the bathroom, cook, etc. on my own. So far I haven't noticed any of the dreaded frankenboob! They're definitely sitting pretty high and hard as rocks! Well I'm still loopy and starting to fall asleep as I write this so I'll keep it short and update tomorrow! Hope all is well with everyone! Here are day 1 post op pics!
You did it! Congratulations! Glad you're doing so well. You look great! Just in case you haven't see this already, here is a link to other women who are recovering from their August 2014 BAs. You really look great in your pictures...especially since you're just one day post-op!
Your girls look AMAZING!! Happy Healing!
Thanks bella besos! It's definitely been a rough couple days physically & mentally! Nice comments like yours definitely make the day so much easier! What would I do without realself?!

One week old!

Today makes one week since surgery and I'm falling in love! So far, i'm happy with the size and I feel like if I had went any bigger then it would've been a challenge to find things that fit. My right boob is def sitting higher than the left but I'm thinking it's because it has a bigger implant??
As far as pain goes, I just have soreness and pressure but it's tolerable. Im just extremely tired and need a couple of power naps to keep me going. Sleeping is probably the biggest challenge and where I have the most discomfort. I have heavy couch pillows propped up on my bed with another stack to rest my legs on. I usually wake up midway through the night with back pain but i think that's mostly from my compression garment that I'm wearing for my lipo areas.
I'm pretty much off of the pain meds, except for bedtime to help me sleep through the night. During the day, I'll take half a pill if my pain gets bad. I've also been massaging my boobs and they really seem to have softened up! I'm thrilled that I haven't had any frankenboob! Ive seen some pics of others who had high riding implants and I was prob dreading that more than anything! I'm thinking maybe it's because I started out with a decent amount of breast tissue and had a lot of stretched skin to fill??? Nonetheless, no complaints in that area! Here's some pics from throughout the week! I'm also going to make side by side pics of days in sequence to show the healing process. I'll try to post those later this week. Tomorrow is my first day back to work and i think I should be fine. Wish me luck! I hope all is well with everyone in boobland!
So I am now on the other side by almost 2 weeks and I wanted you to know that your story made me so much more confident about my choice. My amazing PS told me to bring in a wish pic the day of my surgery ( I swear I looked at 1000 set of breasts lol) and I have to say I showed him your pic and said I want mine to look like this. Thank you for sharing your story :)
Hi tracerenee- I can't thank you enough for that comment! It made me teary eyed! I've been having a rough time and have been feeling really down about my lipo results so it meant the world to reAd that. Tomorrow marks my 4 week post op, and I plan to write my very long overdue update and post pics. Your results look amazing! Our results are so similar! We had almost the exact same starts stats and cc amounts also lol. I had 475cc& 510cc. How has your recovery been going?
Don't let your lipo results bring you down everyone tells me it takes a lot of time to see results. My tummy is still hard and round so I just have to tell myself give it time. My recovery has been great not much pain just sore. I prepared myself like you suggested but I ended up having no drainage I had a stich in each incision. I can tell you I will suck it up and wear my garment for at least 6 weeks to make sure all my swelling is gone and just to know I did everything I could!!! Try to focus on even the small differences you see cause those all add up to one big difference in the long run :) And know that you have fabulous new girls! I look forward to your next review. Big hugs to you from the east coast!!!!
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