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Excited and Nervous - San Jose, CA

I am excited..I get my braces on this coming Wed...

I am excited..I get my braces on this coming Wed March 30, 2011.

I currently hate my teeth, i am missing the ones that grow next to the front teeth between the front/canines, and i look like i grew vampire teeth. My mouth is small and the teeth are angled in. My bottom is crowded and a bit crooked. My dentists' goal is to bring them forward, space them a bit, and finally, veneer the top 4 teeth to fill the gaps that i will end up with.

I have envied people with nice smiles as long as i could remember (i'm 39) and i figure.."why not do it?" i mean, i can afford to fix my smile now and hopefully i will end up loving the way my teeth will look. Maybe gain some self confidence to smile fully in the end..but i am also nervous about the outcome too :(

I had my 1st appt for my spacers this past Wed 23, and my molars are really sore. I will post a picture as soon as i get the courage to do so.

I went to a couple of places before i settled on Dr F's office. They are VERY nice there. I always feel very comfortable and his staff is friendly. I will post an update as soon as i get my braces on next week. :)


I wrote a perfect cmnmeot here 2 days ago, but my clicking was defective and it went into the error-black-hole. I have no idea now what I meant to say then. So re-reading now, my own experience with braces and funding our two children's braces comes (is brought) to mind. Can't put that to music, though. Alas. Barbara

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Hi Patty,

Welcome to the Braces community. So, yesterday was Wednesday, and I'm going to assume you got your braces on. How's everything going? Do you know how long you will have to wear them? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Dr Matt Freeman, Orthodontics

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