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I had high hopes for photofacial..i did a ton of...

i had high hopes for photofacial..i did a ton of research before getting it done and after 2 treatments combined with bleaching cream i see zero results. at my last appt the dr even noticed that my skin wasnt improving and said that 3 more treatments might not work. she didnt want me to waste my money (which i very much appreciated her being honest with me). she suggested a chemical peel but after researching that i dont feel comfortable with getting one.

i got photofacial for freckles and some redness problems i have..it did absolutly nothing..in fact i think it made it worse!! or maybe i just notice it more now? either way, it didnt work and im so disappointed.

oh..one other thing i wanted to mention that i havent seen mentioned before, the laser hurt my fillings during the procedure!! like, chewing on tin foil type of feeling. it was so weird.


I had the same problem. TWO IPL treatments and my freckles were WORSE! Not for everyone.
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What a bummer :( it's so weird how its great for some and not others. My sister got one and it worked really good for her. I don't get it :-/
Not sure why you're not comfortable with chemical peels... start with something light from an esthetician... or get a vi peel if you're brave enough... vi peel did wonders for my skin acne marks, and acne and hyperpigmentation etc. I regularly use jessner peels and glycolics.
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great, even though the procedure didnt work for me..the staff was very nice.

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