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I am scheduled to have surgery in may but am...

I am scheduled to have surgery in may but am really starting to doubt my choice of doctor. I live in northern California, bay area, and was wondering if anybody out there had any suggestions. This is s lot to do with my health issues actually. I have a Cronic illness that you can't do much but stay positive. Sometimes a little external help can do wonders for me, new shoes, good hair, but this could be life changing. I have felt this way for years. My nose is the perfect size in with and perfectly balanced with a great shape but it just sticks too far out. Idvlike to take a centimeter off the whole length from almost the top to the bottom. Im proud of my ancestry, i think I get most of my nose from my Russian Jewish side, but I'd just like to turnbit down a notch. Also, one issue that comes along with my illness is insomnia. I recently switched doctor ( and hospital where they have a sleep clinic) and the sleep specialist told me I have a narrow nasal passage. So the doctor has to be experienced in both these issues equally. If this is right for me and I find a great surgeon who can help me, I believe this could change my life and improve the state of my health tremendously. Thanks for any info!!

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Dr most and dr kim are the best, but pricy
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That is a dilemma! Make sure your doctor is a rhinoplasty specialist! I can't stress this enough. Rhinoplasty is very intricate and you want someone who has lots and lots of experience.

Have you been on several consultations? If not, you might want to check out a few doctors and see who you feel most comfortable with.

Here's a list of Bay Area rhinoplasty surgeons.

Hope this helps! Please let us know what you decide to do.

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