I Should've Listened to Family and Boyfriend - San Francisco, CA

I'm sure my experience is quite different from...

I'm sure my experience is quite different from others for one big reason...ulike most rhinoplasty candidates, I didn't have a 'hump' nose that needed any bone-breaking/shaving, so all I had trimmed was the tip of my nose which I believed at the time was quite bulbous.

I can't say my surgeon did a bad job--he did exactly what I requested. I just wish he stopped me because looking back, I really didn't need it. I totally believe that some people really do need it, but I wasn't one of them. The reason I feel it wasn't worth it is that I detracted from my original natural 'exotic' looks. I was only 19 or 20 yrs old at the time. Family members and my boyfriend told me I was just fine, but I stubbornly didn't listen and that thought they were just being "nice" in saying that I didn't need a change. Though the tip of my nose may have been slightly bulbous by some standards, it actually accommodated and worked in harmony with my other features, which I am told were quite exotic. Now, instead of having an exotic/unique look, I now look pretty darn ordinary. I wish I listened to my family and boyfriend (who is now my husband). Sadly, you can't just easily put back what was removed :(

Please let me know the name of the doctor.
Thank you.

I'm sorry you regret your decision to get rhinoplasty. You're probably still more beautiful than you're giving yourself credit for. How long ago did you have your surgery?



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he's good, but I just believe it wasn't for me..

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