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Radiesse for Increase in Cheek Volume - San Francisco, CA

For increase in cheek in volume. Saw great initial...

For increase in cheek in volume. Saw great initial improvement. As time goes on- my cheek area appears to have flattened. I suspect I did not get enough Radiesse initially, I am considering getting another injection.

The Plastic Surgeon mixed the Radiesse with lidocaine. I felt no discomfort and had minimal swelling. No bruising.

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse in the cheek area in April- then went back for another 1/2 syringe in June. Now it looks as if I need more in the cheek area. I am considering a lowerface and neck lift in 2010. What is the downside of getting more Radiesse now or even Juvederm to fill the cheek area if I am considering surgery in early 2010?

Love Radiesse, and will use it again. The duration...

Love Radiesse, and will use it again. The duration for me was about 9 months or so. I had a FL/NL in the summer of 2010. This did not address loss of volume. Therefore I will be having another injection of Radiesse soon.

Happy to hear that things worked for you! I too am looking for a doc, so if you can share his name with me as well, I'd really appreciate it! cyke250 (at) yahoo.com.
I am looking for good doc in great hand of Radiesse injection cheek area
would you please share yours doc with me. is he good with that procedure. I live in San Jose. I need it soon as possible. love to hear from you soon. Thank you. or you can email me at Tracilouisx@yaho.com
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