Frozen Botox: Beyond Freezing Wrinkles

I've had Botox injected into my brow and...

I've had Botox injected into my brow and crow's feet area for years.

I sought the treatment of Botox to alleviate stress headaches in the muscles directly above the eyebrows, to lessen a vertical wrinkle between my eyes, and to also lessen my crow's feet.

I am moving from sunny California to frigid Fairbanks, Alaska. Does the sub-zero temperature negatively affect the Botox that has been injected? I cannot imagine that -40 below zero weakens the effects of the Botox.

San Francisco Dermatologic Surgeon

This dermatologist is amazingly skilled: the overall results look natural, and my stress headaches are eliminated.

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I have very fair skin with early eye wrinkles (I'm 33 with otherwise normal skin but probably more eye wrinkles than expected for my age). I have always looked for value in eye creams, and have tried everything from Chanel to drugstore brands. My main concern now is to use only natural ingredients! I now use the Lady Soma Renewal Serum - it is one of the best serums for the eye. I use it under concealer, which I apply immediately after. I find that the texture of serum helps to blend in the concealer so that everything doesn't gather around the wrinkles.

I do not find it too greasy for me- it seems to absorb quickly into my skin. I use it at night as well, using slightly more product for night use. I am very happy with Lady Soma for daytime use.
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I agree with Dr Sigmund. Your skin should not be exposed to such cold temperatures otherwise you would get frostbite.
The Botox is injected under the dermis of the skin and it would be protected by the natural temperature regulation of the skin.
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Question: Frozen BOTOX® : Beyond Freezing Wrinkles. Answer: BOTOX ® is successfully administered in Alaska. I do not feel that the colder climate should negatively impact the results of BOTOX®. Even in Alaska, you should not be exposing your skin to sub-zero temperatures for any length of time.
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