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Okay Im on day four if you count the procedure the...

okay Im on day four if you count the procedure the first day. My Dr. made this surgery sound like a breeze..needless to say it's pretty close to giving birth but just on the other end of the body.

Day one vinegar rinses and vasaline, same thing on day two, day three brown skin coming off and red and raw now.

Today is just red and raw and pretty itchy. Heres what really irrates me is the wrinkles on my lipline and are still there and he told me he really was agressive on them. If this is how is works I should have just paid a couple more thousand for a face lift that would be noticable.

from my understanding (from reading reviews and stuff) your skin is going to look all blotchy and stuff. by day 5 it should still be a little red and tender.

after 1-2 weeks your skin will begin repairing, make sure to wear sunscreen/moisturizer.

and then the full results are like months down the line - and it takes months because after resurfacing your skin new cells need to come in and more collagen is being produced. so give it time and see how it pans out

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shaundizzle is right based on other reviews. So with it only being day four I would not be too concerned yet. Have you tried Aquaphore?It seems to help with itching and peeling, based on other community members reviews. In addition as hard as it is I too agree with shaundizzle on giving your face time. Please keep us updated.

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looks the same as before.

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