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I had eylid surgery 6 years ago and was recently...

I had eylid surgery 6 years ago and was recently diagnosed with Lagophthalmos which is a condition of the eylids not completely closing. This is a very serious condition and can lead to loss of vision. Unless you have loss of vision due to overhanging lids don't do it.

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Cut eyelids too much.

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I'm really sorry for what you've been though. Is Lagophthalmos caused by removing too much eyelid skin?

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Yes, I also had my lower eyes done and that was a tortue of recovery. But I believe the problem comes from the eyelids being to short and not closing all the way. I just ordered a dry eye kit to protect my eyes while sleeping and special glasses called moisture chambers. I am beside myself and can use a few prayers. I will never do another cosmetic procedure and grow old gracefully. My husband loves me either way. I did it for myself to feel better since I sing and like to perform.
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