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Otoplasty - San Francisco, CA

I went to Dr. M for an otoplasty to gain more...

I went to Dr. M for an otoplasty to gain more symmetry and reduce the protusion of my ears. As for the actual procedure, I'm quite pleased as I noticed a significant difference after the bandages were removed. Given this fine result, I've already scheduled another procedure with him.

hi - i have asymmetrical ears as well - did the surgery hurt? could you hear like normal? headaches? how long was the recovery process?

Thanks for sharing your story with us. How long ago was your surgery? We'd love to see pics too, if you don't mind sharing.

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

Since this was my first plastic surgery, I wanted someone with strong credentials, experience, and confidence. His consultations were polite, professional, and as thorough as I could ask for.

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