4 Sessions-visable Lower Belly Results - San Francisco, CA

I am 5'7, 140 lbs. I have a lower stomach pooch,...

I am 5'7, 140 lbs. I have a lower stomach pooch, always have.

I had four sessions and I notice visible results 1.5 months after my last treatment. My last two treatments were performed by a more skilled technician. I could tell by the duration, pressure, heat, and lymphatic massage technique. I would have preferred her for my first two treatments as well. I think there needs to be more trainings for Vaser Shape providers and also better photos with clear results.

Vaser Shape did not flatten my lower belly fat but it did reduce the bulk and volume. When I turn to the side I see less pooch and a more flattened shape. When I feel the lower belly bulk, I am confident it is much reduced, which makes me really happy.

I would go back and do 4-5 more any day. It is hard to find doctors in areas outside of SF and Texas that offer Vaser Shape.

Your comment regarding more training for the technicians is well taken. I have found that the more you are "switched off" to different techs, the less the quality of the outcome, and this pertains to all procedures. You may be asked by the first technician if there are any "special circumstances" that they should be aware of. But if you have a series of 8 treatments, with four different technicians, which is not uncommon, you definitely will not get the same result that you would with one person throughout the series. It's a poor practice.

That is great that you saw noticeable results! How long did you wait in between sessions?

I did each session 5-7 days apart. I worked out every day, juiced raw vegetables, and ate a low-fat, low-carb, high fiber diet. I also started doing ab workouts. Although I did not keep up with such a rigorous standard, I've maintained light workouts and a reasonable diet. I continue to be pleased with my results, and believe the bulk/ volume of my belly pooch is reduced significantly. I would love to do a few more sessions to see if I can make more progress.
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