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I had my lips done two days ago and it's a...

I had my lips done two days ago and it's a horrible mess! I have a small white scar on my natural lip line. I wanted that filled in and a little shading on my lips. This lady tattooed a line about a centimeter above my lip line....I could of died when I seen it. The color is not much darker than my natural lip color but I am so scared when the scab falls off that everyone will see this horrible line. What can I do?

Hi Sasha, 

At this point I would just wait and see what happens. I know that sucks I hate waiting too especially if it was something like this. Once the scab falls off then I would see what can be done. You also might want to chat with community members Myladylana, she knows her stuff. Keep us updated please. 

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Rosalina Aburto

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