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More Than 2 Weeks After my Smart Lipo, Still Look Bloated with Lumps O my Lower Abdomen and Sides -San Francisco, CA

I had smart lipo more than two weeks ago but i...

I had smart lipo more than two weeks ago but i still look bloated just little bit difference from before surgery. but if i hold in my abdomen, it is flat. and also my upper abdomen is protruding especially when im sitting down while lower abdomen looks firm flatter if im sitting but looks bloated when im standing up both of my upper and lower abdomen. Is it normal to look bloated after more than two weeks of smart lipo??? Is it going to look normal and flatter eventually???? how long is the wait?

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

How are you doing now it's been another couple of months post-op? Are you all healed and seeing results?

We'd love to have an update to your review!

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