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Lashes Get Long, then Fall Out, Cycle Repeats - San Francisco, CA

I've been using this for a few years, I used...

I've been using this for a few years, I used Lumigan off-label before Latisse came out (they are the same thing made by the same company).

I've learned that there is a growth cycle with Latisse. With daily use your lashes will continue to grow longer and thicker until about the 8 week point, then you'll notice there is a shedding period when you longest lashes start to fall out (noticed especially when using a lash curler or applying mascara). During this shedding time if you look closely at your lash line in a mirror you'll see that there are new lashes growing in. If you continue with the daily applications of Latisse the next generation of lashes will grow as long as the first.

Unfortunately this cycle is the dirty little secret of Latisse... it does in fact make your lashes grow longer and thicker, but they don't stay in that perfect state forever! They shed and renew just like normal lashes.

If you notice you longest lashes are starting to shed don't despair, just keep using the product and be patient...they will grow long again!

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I think I'm on that cycle too. My long lashes are gone even though I use Latisse religiously. THey fall off everytime I wash my face and this started a month ago. It is quite scary and frustrating. I even suspected that my Latisse must be expired. I will monitor the hair growth.
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Did you keep using it after you experienced this? Would love to hear an update.
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I've been using Latisse for over 9 months and my eyelashes have gone through many growth cycles. It's very frustrating seeing my eyelashes fall off almost everyday. However, I do see the new hair growthing.:-) Does anyone have any advice on whether I should continue using Latisse on a daily basis, every 2-3 days or once a week?
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I've noticed the "cycle" too, but even when they are less full, they are still fuller than before I started. Have been using for over 6 months, and will never stop.
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I am into my second day of Latisse and I am looking forward not to have to wear eye lash extensions. I would like to add a bit to the topic of lashes falling out cycle. With or without the use of Latisse, eye lashes do have a shedding cycle. Each person's shedding cycle is different. The reason one would notice it more with Latisse is because of the longer and darker lashes. =]
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