Laser Hair Removal - It Takes MANY Sessions to Work - San Francisco, CA

Don't let the doctor's fool you with their...

Don't let the doctor's fool you with their packages of "6 treatments," laser hair removal takes many, many treatments to work. Here is why -- you need to have the laser be at the right width/depth while hitting the hair in the growth cycle. Not all hairs are growing all the time. Good laser nurses start with a lower setting so they don't burn you right away, and they build up the laser strength each session. This means that some hairs won't actually be killed the first few times they are hit, even if they are growing.

I originally spend $1800 for 6 treatments on my face. I could tell that it started to work but was not going to be done by the 6th treatment. I was very fortunate in finding a place that offered unlimited laser hair removal for life for $4500. While this was a huge amount of money, it also sounded too good to be true (I had basically everything done - legs, face, arms, stomach, back, bikini, etc.) I'm not sure how many times I went in but it was much more than 6. Probably 12 or so per area. I still have hair, but it's no where near as bad as it was when I started. All of the dark, thick hair is gone. I still need to shave but not as frequently and when I do I feel smooth (no gross stubble.)

Best decision of my life. I've been treated since 2009, so I can tell the results are permanent.
I am interested in the office where you had this done. Please PM me with details if possible. Thank you!
I'd love to know the name of the place you went for the unlimited package deal for $4500. Sounds like a great deal. Thanks.
Should I believe my doctor who says that she thinks she can remove all my coarse dark hair in 6 sessions with a a few touch-up sessions afterwards? She told me that I'm a perfect candidate for laser hair removal and that any fine hairs (which she said I would have few) can be remove with electrolysis.
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