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Juvederm Injections - San Francisco, CA

I had juvederm injections done for the first time...

I had juvederm injections done for the first time about three weeks ago... i already have very full lips so people thought i was crazy for even considering it. but i just wanted a more plumper look in my upper lip... so i went to get them done and the nurse who did them only put very little at first since i have very full lips we didn't want to put to much we agreed that if they weren't what i desired that i can come back next week and add more.. so i did.. and then is when the problem came.. the first time there was no problem at all...swelling yes but that went down with in a day... the second time i was very swollen and then my upper left lip got an infection which caused a hard ball on my lip...since this was over the weekend i ended up going to the E.R. to get antibiotics... my lip was so very swollen looked like someone hit me in the mouth with an aluminum bat... after a few days the infection went away... swelling went down.... and then i had to drain the puss out... after all that...my lips do look very very good... i want to keep getting these injections but i don't want to go through what i did the second time.. i don't know why it happened... i read some where that your not suppose to use left overs? which she did use a left over from what we used the first time...she said it was re useable up to six months?

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad to hear you are doing ok now. I can imagine that was a pretty freaky experience.

Here is a Q&A that talks about whether it is a good idea to save leftover Juvederm or not:

Reuse Juvederm Syringe for Future Injections?

Please be sure to keep us posted on how you are doing and if everything continues to be ok for you or not.


So its been a month after and my lips are great. i...

so its been a month after and my lips are great. i would love to get them done again... and hopefully next time i don't get an infection...love my lips so much!!!
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