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Age:53. Male. Teeth started moving around several...

Age:53. Male. Teeth started moving around several years ago. Had to do something. Braces seemed like cheapest option. Had metal braces as kid. Have had lots of periodontic problems which probably contributed to teeth migration.

Six buttons on top, five on bottom. 23 trays, estimated 18 month treatment. Very little discomfort so far. Bottom edge of lower tray rubbing against inner lip kind of annoying but getting better.

The moment I snapped trays into position I knew this was better than metal braces.


Glad to hear you are liking your invisalign better than traditional braces! 

It sounds like the irritation to the inside of your lower lip is pretty minimal but here is a link to a question that was asked by another community member that gives some great info on dealing with sharp edges on invisalign trays. Even if it's not needed now, it might be good info to have on hand if any of your future trays have sharp edges.

I'll be looking forward to hearing how things go as you move through the different trays!

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Due to continuing periodontal concerns my...

Due to continuing periodontal concerns my orthodontist and periodontist have decided to stop the invisalign treatment at tray 21....out of a planned 23 trays. My teeth look a lot better than they did when I started and my bite is back to normal.

Still anticipate more periodontal issues, but at least my teeth are straight and, hopefully won't be able to move around anymore.

Was fitted for a permanent retainer for the bottom teeth and a removable retainer for the top.

Was surprised at how quickly my teeth got back into line.


Thanks for posting an update. It sounds like your dentists were doing a great job at watching over how things were going and weighing the pros & cons of continuing treatment. I'm glad you were in such caring hands!

Congrats on being done with your treatment, and I'm glad to hear you saw a good improvement! :)

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