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Dr Maas seemed attentive, listening and...

Dr Maas seemed attentive, listening and comprehending my desire -- AT FIRST -- for a small improvement to refresh my upper eyelids. He SEEMED to get that i was looking for a completely natural effect, just a more rested version of MYSELF. He did NOT get it at all. He is an act, all an act. He absolutely ruined my eyes, which were beautiful. He over corrected and left me looking hollow, gauged out, OLDER, sunken and like a stranger to myself. All who know me felt horrified for me, this man SCARES me and i cannot believe he's still in practice, he had his student fellow do most of the work -- i know bc I woke temporarily from the IV sedation to find Dr L.arry D. Sewing me up...practicing two types of stitches, one on each eye. My experience with Cory Maas is that he's a dangerous ego who does not have genuine respect for the individual lives behind each of us, his patients. If he gets a chance to do surgery on you, you're a "face." ("Ive got a face," I overheard him say on the phone, when I was despairing over the results of my surgery in the next room. It's one of those clarifying moments that I will never forget. My advice: RUN! I, happy to provide photos of my before/after to anyone who wants proof.)
I know words would do litter to ease your pain but I am truly sorry to the horrifying experience you've suffered. I am terrified too since I live in bay area as well and am looking for a plastic surgeon to take a look at my droopy right eyelid. Still, I can't believe why the doctor is still in the practice? have you consulted other doctors maybe could do some damage control for you?
I had a similar experience with a doctor who has since retired, leaving me with a hollow look and scleral show on bottom lids. I'm now trying to find a good doctor to correct the problem. I've had appointments with Dr. Peter Levin in Mountain View and Dr. Rona Silkiss in Palo Alto. If anyone has doctor recommendations for doing corrections, would love to hear your suggestions.
How was the visits with Dr. Peter Levin and Dr. Rona Silkiss? I am looking for a doctor in bay area too. Every time when I read such horrifying story, I just feel shaky myself.

Before/After photos

I have many (many!) photos that illustrate the horrible outcome of the upper bleph that Dr Maas (and his student doctor -- without my permission -- performed on my eyes. Here a a few. I never sued because I was too distraught just gettkng through each day, with children, a husband, a home. But I filed a complaint with the Medical Board of California. It's VERY hard to show wrongdoing but the Board did concede that Dr Maas failed to follow the standard of care in having his student do the surgery without my consent. My right lid has never closed all the way and, now years later, that eyelid droops terribly, accentuating the assymmetry I inherited from that surgery. Just very sad . If one person avoids my fate from this, I will feel at least a little better.
thanks...i'm just living with it.
Im glad you are at least taking a stand and posting you're experience. Doctor thatc need to be exposed for their lack of ethics I would continue to voice this experience on other sites and expose his practice. You are helping others by doing so. Good luck
Thank you. I appreciate that. I have no desire to disparage Dr. Maas from a sense of revenge (I would have sued him if I had that kind of negative energy), but my very negative experience with him impacted my life badly and for a very long time. I have children, a husband, a home, pets, was a business lawyer, have friends, etc. I am not a "marginal" person and Dr. Maas responded to my terrible grief over what he did by trying to marginalize me, telling me that I had "body dysmorphic disorder" and that my results were just fine and it was all in my head. That was just insult to injury. He is truly not a good person and, frankly, I would be surprised if he hasn't gotten himself into more trouble because I don't believe he would be able to control his type of "God complex" where -- in my opinion, based on my experience with him -- he showed signs of not seeing himself as on the same plane as his patients. When I protested, four days post-op, that I awoke to his Fellow, Dr. Larry D. stitching up my right eye (and called him on it right there in the O.R.), and that Dr. D. had practiced two different types of stitches each on a different eye (wouldn't I just want the best stitch!?, done by the most experienced hand as I thought I was paying for?), Dr. Maas angrily said, "Oh, that's just NO BIG DEAL, Lisa!" I said well it's a big deal TO ME! Thanks for letting me vent.

Photos on Dr. Maas's profile

In response to my negative review, Dr. Maas carefully picks and posts a pre-op and a post-op photo of my eyes. Judge for yourself indeed. And keep this in mind: he's asking me to smile big in the pre-op photo (you can see by my crow's). When smiling our eyelid muscle pulls our lids more heavily down around our eyes, certainly showing the most dramatic version of my complaint, for effect. I posted his pre-op photo of me at rest, at the 45 degree angle. More accurate. Also this -- for the post-op photo he chose, I had been crying for hours before the sitting (note red face and eyes) and so was as swollen as could be, which did really improve the gauged-out hollowness in my upper lids that was the norm and which would continue to settle in months after the surgery, as my photos show. At some point, a doctor should just say, "I made a mistake and I no longer [this former patient hopes!] remove a patient's fat and muscle in an upper blepharoplasty like we did back in the 70s and 80s... I no long make that same mistake that I once did."
Check out what another doctor said on this site:
"Many of my brow-upper lid junction structural fat grafting patients have come to my practice for the correction of hollowness created by the over-zealous removal of fat during an upper blepharoplasty surgery. I am continually amazed at how many cosmetic surgeons practice 1970's-era blepharoplasty surgery in the 21st century. I almost never remove upper lid fat during blepharoplasty surgery, and in many cases I actually add fat at the brow-upper lid junction. " wow. Dr. Michael Law...go there.
In sincerely thank you for sharing this terrifying experience with others. Perhaps when more of us come forward and identify the many "charlatans" out there...we can begin to gradually weed them out!
Completely agree! Thank you.
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