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I am 48 yrs.old in excellent health and not over...

I am 48 yrs.old in excellent health and not over weight. On 9/30/ 2013 I had a neck lift. My concern right now is that it is now almost 3 months post -op and my neck is still not smooth where the incision was made for liposuction. The area under my chin is lumpy, bumpy and a bit wrinkled looking. Would this still be normal at this time of recovery? Can I expect this to smooth out in time (soon)? I have HUGE concerns about my neck.

Time is our BEST friend, here...!!!

Hi all...Just to keep you posted that in the last week I have seen a HUGE improvement ...I am adding photos to show. The swelling is going down by the minute. I have been drinking a lot of water and walking a lot more and I think that this has also helped. Keep hanging in there!!!!!

9 months post op

just a short is getting better. i took these pics this month.
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I just had a neck lift with lipo in early April. I'm still very lumpy and bumpy under the chin with substantial swelling as well. I posted a question with pictures to the doctors on this site and most of they said lumps and numbness are normal and to be patient (I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow). Then one doctor posted a response saying my results aren't normal and I'll probably need corrective surgery. I'm a little freaked out. If I had known how hard this recovery would be, I don't think I would have undergone the procedure. I just hope that time and patience will make things better.
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Thank you for sharing your story. Did you only have lipo or did you get a full neck lift as well? Who is your Dr?
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I had this same procedure - shockingly, this is normal. Do not panic. At around month 6-7 your neck will finally start looking normal again. I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's true. I am at 10 months post op and I don't think I looked really normal until around month 6. Hang in there. Breathe. I promise you are going to look okay.
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Hey there,

Thanks for sharing your story and posting your photos. You look great overall (from what I can see in the pictures)! You might want to also post this as a question for doctors in the Q&A community here.

Here's what some doctors say about incisions after neck lifts and lipo

How are you feeling physically now that you're three months post op?
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Hi, I am 2 months out, and worried about the same thing! I am also having uncomfortable pain, not bad, but still I know I have a neck every minute of the day? They keep telling me it will get better, but I too want to know how long?
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This has been a very hard recovery and I am not a cry baby or a drama I'm still numb after 3 months...and tight of course. Do you have swelling under your jaw line...? I have heard that it can take up to 6 months to a full year to get better. Only wish that I was informed of this fact before my procedure ...
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I have not been impressed with the after care from the surgery center that I have gone to. They just tell me, and the doctor too, that it takes time, some people take longer than others. I too have the numbness in my face. I am unable to put earrings in my ears, they are so numb. I have the swelling on the jaw line, one side is worse than the other. I just would like them to give me something to do to help the swelling along. I just e-mailed pictures to my doctor and asked for some advice. My doctor is 2 hours away. I see pictures on the internet and people look fantastic after like 3 to 6 weeks. I am not a drama queen either. I just wish they could understand that I need re assured, or would like to talk with someone else who had the procedure and can reassure me. I also had a breast reduction at the same time YIKES. I suppose my body has had a lot to deal with so I need to be patient. HOpe we hear from long term recovery people
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Tightness goes away before numbness does. I have the exact same feeling...hang in there. I've experienced this before.
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Can someone please comment on my situation?
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