Countdown to My Reduction From a 44J - San Francisco, CA

So I have finally schedule my surgery. I have gone...

So I have finally schedule my surgery. I have gone to consultation twice in the past and never made it this far. The first time I chickened out. The second time, I was laid off and lost my health insurance. So, here's hoping the third time is the charm as they say.
I am currently wearing a 44j bra(will side spillage). So, I am not really sure what my true size is at this point. I am aiming for a D cup post surgery.

So, I have started the home preparations.Purchase a bed rest pillow to hopefully keep me from moving around too much. I also bought some silicone sheets for the scars. I also told my son that I was going to have surgery to help with my back problems. The inquisitive kid that he is, asked right away, what was I have surgery on. I wasn't ready to explain, so I dodged the question for now.

I am getting a bit nervous at this point..... Jst writing this post is making me a bit nervous. So, I will say good night for now.

Good luck tomorrow 44Jmaybe. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hoping all is well with you. I'm sure you're very excited about now. Looking forward to an update when you're feeling up to posting. Will be thinking about you tomorrow. I know you will do great.
Congratulations! Im currently a 40J and also aimind for D/C. Scheduled for 21 August! Its all I can think about. When are you going in?

Welcome 44J! When is your surgery scheduled?
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I researched the providers under my insurance. I also did a google and yelp search for reviews on the providers. Then I had a really good first consult with him.

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