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Hello Good Folks, I had Rhinoplasty a week ago...

Hello Good Folks,

I had Rhinoplasty a week ago and just got my cast of yesterday. I am and un-happy with how its looking now. I wanted to share with people that can relate and offer advise. It was a Open Rhinoplasty to correct a small hump as well as a deviated tip. I like everything about my new nose but I am unhappy and unconfident about the un-even nostrils and still see a little crookedness. Any honest advise will be appreciated as I will be going in to visit with my surgeon again tomorrow after work.

10 day post op

@fronthewest take a look and let me know what you think and if it was like yours. this open and graft at the tip..just fyi Thanks
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I had a sept/rhino in February and I seriously wish that I had my post op pictures to show you because that's exactly what mine looked like a week or two post op, I was so disappointed and hated it but was told that it takes time for all that swelling to go down and boy were they right! After about 3 months I was way more confident and was in love with my new nose and now that I'm almost a year post op I think it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being patient sucks but it's all worth it :)
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Thank you Apodz I really appreciate your feedback and encouragment. I will wait to see how things evolve in the upcoming months.. :)
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Hi, It's been so soon since your surgery. I had septo-rhino in September and was told it takes a good 6 months for it to even appear more normal in candid pictures. (it looks bigger than my original nose but in some angles look beautiful! it's still swollen, that's why) Be patient and don't worry - you will pick at yourself until you feel comfortable - just don't pick your nose! - it takes time. I had the higher/lower nostril as wel - it is not appearing that way in 3rd month! (just assurring you here) Nose looks less pronounced but still wide-ish in candid shots for me so again, takes time. Listen to your Doctor. You just had your nose opened and adjusted! It's not happy with you but it will slowly and surely settle down. I can see it in pictures you posted and that's normal. That wideness and crookedness that is minimal actually will subside. You'll be alright! I hope that helps! How did it go with your follow up? Miss Fromthewest
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Hey Fromthewest, First off, thank you for a very reassuring and honest response. I don't wana pick at it but somehow I cant top either...lol Yea it looks like I have a retracted nostril...can you see it in the picture... is that what your looed like, how is it now? I saw him and when he looked at my nose to get the stiches out, he was like, nice very nice its coming together..i asked him the retracted nostril ( high/low) his response was no one is really perfect and I shouldn't think about the little things but that everything else looks great. I understand that and im not trying to get it perfect just better.. he mentioned swelling as well but didn't sound confident to me... or maybe I was just thinking negative to begin with....What do you think when you see that straight shot??? now 10 days post op... Thank you so much for your time:)
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's some information about rhinoplasty swelling (it can last a really long time!). Please keep us posted as you continue to heal.

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I will thank you so much for this insight. Happy holidays I will keep posting as it keeps healing.
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Hi there, Glad you found RealSelf as there is a lot of information and support here. The unevenness may be caused from swelling. Swelling can do some weird things sometime. Did your surgeon mention anything about it when he removed your cast? Do you feel comfortable sharing your surgeon's name? Being from the Bay area myself, I'm especially interested in Bay Area PSs. Recovery takes a really long time and you'll have to be patient so try to stay busy and do your best not to think about it and it may help the time go faster. Best of luck to you.
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Thank you that's some really honost advise. I appreciate it! I will wait and see how things go with time, But I like who I am so it shouldn't be problem, hopefully..ill keep posting as time goes on.
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