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I had bad skin for years. I absolutely hated it...

I had bad skin for years. I absolutely hated it and tried all over the counter products and many doctors. I even tried low dosage antibiotics for years. DON'T DO IT. It messed me up more. What finally helped me was an acne site. I followed the instructions EXACTLY. I took the supplements suggested (they don't sell them). I also changed my eating habits and started exercising. Now I only use the cleanser a couple of times a day. My skin is nice. I'm thin and healthy. It's the lifestyle thing. It's not a quick fix. It took me awhile. It's the only thing that worked. Best of all it was actually affordable. I blew it off the first time I ran across it. I thought it was one of those cheesy things that just wants your money. IT'S NOT.

Way to go!!! You nailed it, diet and exercise are so very important with any acne issue, depending on the type of acne it can really go a long way! For me I had cystic acne and I cleaned up my diet and tons of water and finally I can say I am free of acne. What type of acne did you have?
Cystic and just terrible EVERYTHING. Now I have good skin but because I had cancer recently, my immune system was jacked up. I had a LOT of change/stress in my life and I got shingles in my EYEBROW. Ugh. I'm still dealing with all that and trying like heck to NOT do a punch biopsy on my face after all I've been through. I have a little scar from the shingles but I was hoping it would fade away with the right care and some time. Thanks for the props. I really needed it today!


For anyone looking to get rid of your dreaded acne forever, PLEASE read about my experience. It's EASIER than you think and you will be glad you did!
What acne site did you use. That is amazing what you have been through and done! I had severe cystic acne myself right out of high school. What helped me after the antibiotics which weren't a real solution for me as I'm allergic to sulfa and therefor limited as to what antibiotics I can take, and diuretics which I liked but developed an allergic reaction to Spironolactone was Accutane. I took it for 6 months and had absolutely zero bad side effects aside from chapped lips, I could bare! My skin was amazing afterward. Now, I'm two years past and my skin has the tendency to get oily along with my scalp and breakouts do occur. Which is a bummer. I'm hoping to find a way to help this, too bad diuretics won't work for me any longer.
Sounds like you have had your share of hardship, time for the next chapter, on to happier things! 
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