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I have had a total of 3 Titan's and combined this...

I have had a total of 3 Titan's and combined this with 3 Laser Genesis. The results have been amazing and I was skeptical initially. The results of Titan seem to vary a great deal and I can only conclude that the biggest factor which will determine outcome is the level of experience that the person performing the treatment possesses.

I am an RN and performed this procedure on myself (I moonlight PT in a medispa). I am 41 years old and keep myself up to date on latest techniques to maximize results. I would recommend that anyone seeking this treatment ask that they consult with the actual person who will do the treatment. The technique which I use on myself and my patients is the mobile delivery technique and I would ask for that specifically. When this method is utilized, the settings can be adjusted very high and there is absolutely no pain at all. The secret to a successful outcome is multiple passes (at least 4-5) over the same area before moving on. I typically use 150 pulses for a full face.

My own results have been pretty phenomenal. My skin is nice and taut and just looks more supple than it did 10 years ago. Admittedly, I did not have visibly sagging skin to begin with but it had started to lose it's bounce. Also, my nasolabial folds decreased significantly.

Although you are not supposed to see immediate results, I feel that I was able to observe them very quickly. And it just keeps getting better.

I am always surprised to read reviews from people who didn't benefit from the Titan. Unfortunately, it simply wasn't done correctly. ALWAYS ask about experience level and if possible ask what technique they employ and ask an estimate for the number of pulses they use. It really makes the difference.

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I don't feel right recommending my own job. So I will strongly advocate that everyone considering this treatment ask about mobile delivery technique. It doesn't hurt and gives outstanding results compared to other methods.

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technique and patient selection are biggest keys for titan success
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Could you describe the circular mobile technique? At one point, on a more sensitive area, she did move it in a circular motion to help with the "moment" that the laser peaks during a pulse. I am a couple days past treatment and I do look refreshed-I really can't wait to see more.
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Hi, I use the smaller head on treatments as well and again have found the circular mobile technique to be the most effective. The key is having the passes over the same area repetitively 4 or 5 times before moving to a new area. Or shall I say, this is the way that works best for me. The number of pulses depends on how much of face and neck you are doing. For face alone, I typically aim for a total of about 130-140 pulses. A full neck would probably be about 80 to 100. But again, that varies from face to face and neck to neck. 200 pulses sounds like a decent amount, especially if your face was from the cheeks downward. I hope this helps! And remember, you really need to be patient, my results just kept getting better and better with time.
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I lived in San Jose, would you perform this treatment if I come to you?
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Hi- what number of pulses do you recommend? I had my first treatment yesteray and for face and neck they do 200. They have the smaller head. I already see some improvement,but still feel some warmth in my face. I am on the cusp of really changes, so I hope I caught it right in time and I really look forward to the coming months.
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