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Definitely worth it! I used it for the full 16...

Definitely worth it! I used it for the full 16 weeks and am now just maintaining by applying Latisse every 3 days. It does leave your eyes bloodshot and somewhat irritated for the first month but that can easily be remedied by using eye drops. They are long, thick and all I need is one coat of mascara. My lashes hit my upper lids. My friends thought I had on fake lashes.

You can stretch the use of a your bottle of Latisse by using a dedicated lip liner (or small cosmetic brush of your choice). I find the applicators it comes with a little harsh.

Good luck!


Hi is it true that you no longer need to curl your eyelashes?? Do your eyelashes get curly with the latisse???
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For me, I still have to curl them because some are curly and the rest are not.
Really, well I also did notice a slight darkening under my eyes, but no one could see it and it's gone now. Are you staying within the lash line? If not, try to stay within the lash line and use just enough Latisse to avoid runoff. The liquid would run into the inner corners of my eyes and believe it or not I now have lashes there. I thought that was amusing at first, but it's a little irritating with the hair there. However those too have fallen off since I stopped solution from getting in there. Good luck, you're going to love the results!
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