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I have gone thru childbirth w/o anesthesia and had...

I have gone thru childbirth w/o anesthesia and had a crown on my tooth done w/o novacaine once (just nitrous oxide) so I have a high threshold of pain, overall. However, teeth have lots of nerves and just using the trays causes my teeth to be overly sensitive. Before I use them for a touch-up, I use sensidyne toothpaste for a week which helps a lot. I also don't load the trays, only the fronts, to cover the front of my teeth, which are all that gets seen anyhow.

On ebay you can get kits to create a custom mold to send to a lab; you can get the different strengths of peroxide to find the one you are comfortable with. Yes you will be using them more than a few hours Zoom process, but you'll also have them to touch up for years to come.

I would advise against using the whitening 'strips'. First, they are expensive compared to the effect you will get from a custom fitted tray. Second, you will be swallowing a LOT of peroxide which is not good for your stomach lining or other body parts. No matter how careful you are, these are simply not efficient enough to keep the peroxide out of your body. Trays will.

Once I lightened my teeth the first time, I only touch up once or twice a year. Since I can't sleep with the trays, I choose a day I"ll be home and put them on for 4-5hrs then. I find I can still talk easily and most people stopping by didn't even know I had them on because they are clear.

After reading these reviews, I can't recommend zoom to friends when I've had such a better experience with bleaching trays. It is CHEAPER, less painful, and you don't swallow bleach.


Would you be able to tell us what search words to type in ebay for these kits? Do you just mean the boil and bite type of trays? Somehow, I don't think so, because nothing for that needs to be sent to any lab. Could you please give just a few more details? Thanks!
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Thanks for posting your experience. Comparisons are always so helpful! I've got some whitening strips at home that I'm planning on trying, but I'm not expecting results comparable with trays.

Just curious if you've actually had Zoom, since you mentioned it?

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