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I'm 52 and after years of trying different...

I'm 52 and after years of trying different treatments (Endermologie, Velashape, Thermage...just to name a few) I can FINALLY report I have found a treatment that works! After seeing a local dermatolgoist for a neck lipo consult, she recommended an Ultherapy treatment instead of lipo. After a little more research, I signed up for the treatment.

On the day of the treatment, I was given pain medication which made me very relaxed and sleepy (I had scheduled my husband to pick me up). Although slightly loopy from the meds, I could definitely see immediate tightening after the treatment. The treatment itself was a bit painful but nothging too bad (thank you pain meds :)) I am now 5 weeks out and have never had so many compliments from friends and family.

My results so far are not dramatic, but defintiely noticable! My doctor was very happy at my one month visit and said the results would continue to improve over the next several monhts.

can you please send your doc name and number. Thanks
I would be interested in hearing from you, as well as some of the other ladies who are a little older, how long your results last. Given that the optimum results can be a couple of months out, and the protocol suggests that you can expect it to last for a year, it seems that you might be calling to make another appointment just months after your full effect took place. If, after a year you are still pleased with your results, please let us know.
I completed an Ulthera brow lift three weeks ago. I almost cancelled the appt based on some of the comments made about pain. I didn't want to be numbed and don't like pain medications, so I took two Tylenol. The pain was not bad at all and the procedure lasted fifteen minutes or less. The only time you feel anything is when the ultrasound is targeting the skin. It lasts a few seconds at a time and is gone. I go back for cheeks next week. I am starting to see the results which is exciting. Maybe the trick is to complete the procedure in three appts - upper face/brow, cheeks and neck/lower jaw.
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