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Tummy Tuck to Get Rid of Flab After Having Two Children

Having had two children (the youngest being 9...

Having had two children (the youngest being 9 months) I decided that I wanted to get rid of the unwanted flab. I managed to get down to my pre pregnancy weight but could not remove the skin hanging over my trousers when I bent down. I am athletically built and this really bothered me.

I go through ups and downs and sometimes wish that I hadn't done it because I am still in pain and unable to stand upright. Plus I am really unhappy about the puckering and wonder if this will disappear and the scar is thick.

I had tummy tuck surgery 4 weeks ago and can see 'puckering' and folds above the incision line. I have to make sure that I clean in the creases. Will these creases disappear and flatten?
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Please update us when you get a chance. Has the swelling and puckering subsided?
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From the HUNDREDS of stories that I've researched, this is a common worry. With time, the scar with smooth and flatten. It has only been a month, give yourself more time to heal! It is also VERY common for TT patients to wonder if they've made the right decision. Almost everyone that I've talked to has felt that way at least one time during their recovery period. Just take it one day at a time, and when summer comes around and you're able to get into your bikini :) you'll be feeling better. (Especially when you look at your before and after photos!) Wishing you a speedy recovery and happiness in your decision!!
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