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Had my inner thighs lasered with the Titan. I had...

Had my inner thighs lasered with the Titan. I had Lipo before and it left my thighs skin saggy. The laser worked wonders! Saw results right away. I am so happy Im gonna go back and have my stomach lasered also

Titan is truly a great procedure to minimize skin laxity, even after lipo suction in order to decrease skin dimpling. I know a great place in Chino, CA whose provider is an expert clinician on Titan. SD is about 1 hour from Chino. The procedure can be done once a month & so it's all worth your trip. Let me know if you're interested.
Would you please want to share the doctor who performed the procedure? I live in SD and would be very interested.
Where did you get this done?
ec medical group

Great staff great prices great results

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