Zoom 2 Totally Painless

I had yellow stained teeth. I saw a prior positive...

I had yellow stained teeth. I saw a prior positive review on this provider and made an appointment. They were running a January special. The dentist told me I had great teeth because of my genes.

I had four 15 minute sessions. Absolutely no pain and no zingers. Results are great. I was told that sensitivity is caused by any porous areas in the teeth. I also researched and found that the zoom 2 procedure is less painful to those with sensitive teeth than the original zoom procedure. When I was finished, there was a lady in the waiting room and asked to see my teeth. She said they were beautiful and was going to recommend that her husband have the procedure.

Sorry, I have no before and after pictures.

Wow, sounds like you had a great experience. It's good to know that the Zoom 2 causes less discomfort than the original Zoom.

For people who are getting ready to do teeth whitening and want to help decrease the sensitivity in your teeth click here to read some tips from dentists who volunteer on RealSelf.

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The dentist's assistant did the procedure. She answered all my questions. She took care to protect my entire mouth area from the light.

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