Photofacial - Yup, It Hurts Alright!

If you get a photofacial follow the after care...

If you get a photofacial follow the after care procedures and be sure to SLEEP WITH AT LEAST 2 PILLOWS under your head.

I had my first photofacial treatment yesterday and I woke up this am with an eye swollen shut. I have been using ice and taking lots of advil and still look like I was punched in the face. I look rediculous! On top of the swelling I have freckles covering every inch of my face.

Regardless of the way I look/feel, I had to come to work today. I was told the procedure required no recovery time, so I planned to go to work after the procedure yesterday. When I walked out of the office my face was on FIRE and was bright red. I called in sick to work, went home and put ice on my cheeks. I couldn't go anywhere I was in so much pain. I had to come to work today since I took half day yesterday...I have been hiding in my office all day :)

I really hope the results are worth it. If you are thinking about doing this, schedule a few days of recovery time, even if the Dr. says it isn't necessary. TRUST ME, you don't want to be going through what I'm going through...

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I like her as a dermotogolist, but the results of the photofacial remain to be seen.

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I just did photo facial I feel a lillte itching on the skin nothing else. I'm on holiday now, but I would have n problem going to work after the procedure. I wonder if every procedure are done the same way, or some people are more sensitive than others?
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To go down completely 2 weeks. Try sleeping more up right. That helped a little.
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Hi, I've gotten these 2x last year with no downtime. However, this time, i have the same issue. My entire left side only cheek is swollen and it's pushing up into the eye socket also. How long until it goes down? I'm taking benadryl and advil and icing it, but it looks like I have a puffy eye also.
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Thank you for writing about your experience. I too must be in the 0.1%. I have been hiding in my house for 2 days. My eyes are almost swollen shut. My face looks like a beach ball.

I will definitly sleep on 2 pillows. Any suggestions will be helpful.

I do not mind the color changes. The swelling has me very upset.

Looking forward to being happy with what I have done to myself.
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About 0.1% of people can have a bad reaction to photofacials. It can cause quite severe swelling. It happened to me and I think it is because I have very fair skin. The next time you need to tell them about the reaction and they willl use a lower setting. Regardless, once the swelling goes away you will be happy with the results.
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whoever did the procedure doesn't sound like they had any training except for maybe a few days by the manufacturer. I've been getting photo facials for almost 8 months I was told the freckles are supposed to become darker then crust and flake off, eventually not a face full of them and certainly never left or developed a swollen face...maybe they used too high of a setting. I would question the training the doctor received and how many times he has used the laser.;
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