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I had lipo for my neck and lower abs. I'm...

I had lipo for my neck and lower abs. I'm a young male and actually really lightweight (128 lb, for a guy thats super light, even my ribs show haha)

I wanted a defined neck and ab, so went to Dr. A for liposuction. He said he could definitely get my results. Well no good =( He's nice and all, but results weren't good.

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

He assured me great results, but I didn't get any. But I think he's also a very nice and knowledgable man, just maybe underlooked my situation.

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Thanks for sharing your liposuction experience. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't get any results. It seems weird... don't they remove the fat completely? Did you doc have any explanation for your non-results?

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I'm not really sure what my doctor did sincce he put me to sleep during the procedure.
He tells me my stomach is still swollen, but I'm not sure as every other doctor I asked said my stomach seems back to normal.
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