Jessner Left Me with Luminous Skin

I had my first Jessner peel a week ago, and I am...

I had my first Jessner peel a week ago, and I am very happy with the results. I got a peel to brighten my complexion and hopefully lessen some of the age spots that have appeared around my jawline. The peel was successful; I now have plump, shiny and bright skin. The age spots faded considerably. I'll do another in about 6 months.

Pros: clear smooth skin,

Cons: I was pretty unpresentable Days 2, 3 & 4, so I stayed out of all public places.

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My esthetician was gentle, explained everything to me before she did it, and gave very good aftercare.

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Just had the peel, and I am panicking. My skin is very pink and tight. I am 60 and I want it for fine lines. Does it doanything for uneven skin tone and fine lines?
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Hi Kat,

Based on what others have said in the community, peels can work for discoloration or fine lines it just really depends on the person. You should check out this review from community member inside and out. They said after they had it done their skin looked like it was sunburned, which is how yours sounds right about now. They also provide some after care instructions. Hope that helps. Keep me updated.



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Hi Firsttimeje,

Thanks for the original review and then the update. We always love hearing how people are doing down the road. I know it's been like a month since you had the second session and don't know if you still have questions, but here is an answer from our Q&A that might help. Otherwise how is it going still well, still liking the results, do you have pictures?


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I am on my 2nd day of the peel. It is my first time to do any kind of peel. It was done in a clinic. My skin right now is tight and very red with darker areas around my face. When will I start peeling? And how long? Will this peel off evenly? Right now it feels like I have a face mask on and I look like a burnt victim. I hope it feels faster. Please tell me your experience. I am getting nervous and can't wait till this is over.
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