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Invisalign fixed my upper teeth (all I wanted in...

Invisalign fixed my upper teeth (all I wanted in the first place) but I feel I have NO hope for my terrible posterior open bite. I would recommend invisalign for anyone that doesn't have an open bite (the vast majority of people). But if you're like me, good luck finding any help besides getting your jaw broken.

I need help concerning how to close my posterior open bite. Now, first of all, I've spent hours online trying to find a solution and can't find any. I DON'T have TMJ. I just have a horrible POSTERIOR open bite--only my front 4 teeth touch and my left rear molar almost touches. I basically can't chew my food, I can only mash it. Look at the pics! My upper teeth are normal. My front lower teeth are fine but as my teeth go toward the molars, they dip down, then back up at the molars. Also, my lower teeth span a much wider distance than my upper. A dentist actually laughed at me because he said that I have two different sets of teeth--as if they are literally from 2 different people. I had invisalign done to straighten my upper teeth, knowing that it wouldn't help my lower teeth. My front upper teeth were crammed, so I fixed that. I only wanted invis for the uppers, but they would only allow me to get the set for both. I've been told that I can have surgery done, to break my jaw, and that should help. Is there any other solution? I don't trust anyone breaking my lower jaw. I'm also a boxer and jiu jitsu fighter and I don't think my jaw will ever be the same after surgery. Please help me with another solution. What about metal braces with bands just in the back? Or adding some kind of permanent layer on top of my bottom molars to close the gap? I never really noticed how horrible this open bite was until dentists started laughing at me. Now I realize I've been mashing (not chewing) my food and swallowing it nearly whole for 26 years! Imagine trying to chew a steak with my teeth. Forget about it.

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I only got invisalign to fix my top teeth and it worked. I was never given any solution about my bottom teeth, the cause of my open bite. The original dentist I had also left, and the new one said she screwed a lot of people over.

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I have a very similar problem. I never had a problem with an openbite UNTIL I got invisalign braces. And my dentist never told me that I had an openbite. I was aware that my lower jaw was not aligned properly in my mouth however they did not warn me that invisalign would CAUSE an openbite. So now although my teeth are straight due to invisalign...I have a big openbite and noticed my chin and face look longer as a result. My face is already thin and long and now it looks longer! I was expecting invisalign to make me happier with my smile but now it just gave me an openbite. I still have my wisdom teeth and so now they are the only teeth touching. I have to ask my dentist is removing my wisdom teeth or putting elastics will solve this problem. I am very upset.
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Have you talked to dr. Eshom? He seems to be good

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Hey there, just wondering what doctor you went with in La Mesa?

Thank you!
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I hope you're still around, I know it's been a couple months since you posted...So I just wanted to say, I had the EXACT same open bite problem as you up until I was 14. For about 5 years before I found my orthodontist, my jaw would painfully pop out of place because my back jaw muscles weren't developed, since I could scarcely chew in the back of my mouth at all. I'm assuming you went to a dentist for your Invisalign, because I cannot imagine any competent orthodontist not at minimum addressing potential options with you about your bite. When I was a child, I too had dentists/doctors tell my parents that they would likely have to break my jaw. Thank heavens my folks didn't listen to that nonsense. You need to forget regular dentists and go get 3-5 orthodontic consults. Straight orthodontists who do NOT do regular dentistry. There has got to be someone competent somewhere in San Diego. Over the course of two years my orthodontist was able to correct a nearly 1 cm gap spanning several teeth, so I know it can be done, don't give up!
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Thanks for the support. I was desparate to fix my smile and ignorant to the ways of dentists versus orthos. Over that course of two years how did the ortho correct that gap of yours? Did he use bottom braces (or just braces in the back of the mouth) and a bunch of rubber bands or something like that? My upper teeth are nearly perfectly normal now, but I'd like to know how you fixed your gap. I never had the problem with my jaw, thank god, but chewing is a huge pain in the ass because I only really chew with my front teeth while my back teeth sort of mash the food that makes it past my front teeth.
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Yeah I remember the huge pain the ass that chewing only in front was! After getting the braces, my front teeth looked fine after just 4 or 5 months, the bite correction sadly took much longer.

I wish I could give you a better idea how he managed the bite specifically, but he was so calm and confident about everything, I didn't realize until later how tough my case was, and didn't ask many questions at the time. What I recall, well, it probably isn't going to sound great to you, but being able to chew properly really is worth it in the long run. So what I do remember--every month the ortho adjusts the wire that runs through the brackets on your teeth. In my case, at least over the first year, I had a thicker, lower gauge wire than "usual" and in the back he would torque it so the downward pressure on the teeth felt just immense for the first few days. I remember taking massive amounts of pain killers to get through the first week after every adjustment. Plus, I'd be wearing two to four elastics/rubberbands at once, further working to pull things together. On a couple very back teeth he used something called a jig, because there wasn't enough tooth exposed to bracket them on the side. The jig went on top of the tooth and used a wire, and later an elastic, to pull it up.

Unfortunately, you're not going to be able to get braces just in the back. Everything in your mouth works together, and even if your front teeth were perfect they would still need to be stabilized as everything around them moves (but it looks from your pics like your bite is off all the way to the outer edge of your laterals--the ones next to the front two teeth). Hopefully you could just wear a good mouth guard during boxing and jiu jitsu? I have a bunch of friends in the North Park area and asked them where they went, a couple highly recommended Pulsipher Orthodontics even though it's a bit of a drive. I hope you find someone who can help.

Oh and when you do get done with all this crap, wear your retainer. I stopped wearing mine after 7 years and though my bite is fine, my front teeth shifted back towards where they were before, a little crowded and messed up looking (which is why I was here looking at Invis reviews in the first place!). So now after all that work as a teen, it looks like I'll be taking another year here at 28 to fix my screwup haha.
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Have your jaw broken and that "should" That doesn't sound too reassuring to me. I don't know how many dentists you've talked with, but maybe you just haven't found the right one - especially if they're amused at your dental problems. I really think your only solution is to get more professional opinions. They all seem to differ so much in what treatments they use that you just may find one who's confident they can correct your bite another way. I run across lots of stories of people who were told something couldn't be done and went to a new dentist who proceeded to do the thing that couldn't be done. I personally was told that one of my molars was insalvagable and I'd have to get an implant, only to go to another dentist who saved my tooth without blinking an eye. There's always hope, sometimes it just takes a little footwork, unfortunately. Good luck..
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