2 Fractal Restore Treatments and 2 1/2 Months Have Past.

I have had 2 procedures done and the first...

I have had 2 procedures done and the first included a Gemini laser that did well on reducing my age spots (I am late 50's). However there has been no improvement in wrinkle or pore reduction. Some improvement to texture and smoothness but this marginal and is not worth the $ time and effort. I am about to go do my 3rd treatment but wondering after 2 1/2 months and not seeing a significant change in the wrinkle or pour reduction "why bother", just save the money.

The first treatment I was in the chair for 20-25 min. and the doctor used two lasers Fractal and Gemini. Peeled a little 2 days later (very good doctor..doubful technology application). The second treatment was only fractal and 2 passes and 13 min later I am out of the chair...Very slight peel a day in a half later.

Is this non ablative laser surgery worth it..? Will the new skin kick in soon and i am delighted what i see accomplish by the proof in the mirror or should I realize what I suspected from the much effort reserching this laser application that the only benefit are to the manufactures that make the big sale to the doctors... Please free to comment, maybe I am impatient and should continue the 3rd treatment but i should see some benefit by now YA THINK!


I think you should stop while your ahead. There are way to many horror stories of how laser treatments ruined the skin for good. Even when the ladies had good results to begin with a year or so down the road they notice how their skin is started to age extremly quickly. My heart goes out to these poor ladies :(
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For wrinkling and skin tightening the fraxel repair is probably a better treatment but you will definately have down time. I am almost 6 months out from my fraxel repair. Results are good once you get past the red skin tone and the mild acne breakouts (I had this happen but not everyone does). I was out of work for two weeks. It also took care of my sun damage plus tightening of the skin, especially around my eyes.
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Doctor has many years of experience and every laser machine that a manuf. could sale him. Very sought after and accomplish doctor.

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